Baby & Toddler of the Year Terms & Conditions


By entering this competition, the entrant agrees that they have read and understood the terms and conditions associated with “Baby & Toddler of the Year” and agree to have their child’s photograph and full name (first and last name) published in the relevant Shropshire Star newspaper title in print, online or relevant Facebook/social media page and be prepared to take part in any video coverage, if so required.

Entrants must reside in the Shropshire Star and mid Wales area i.e. within the circulation area of the Shropshire Star. 

Contact information for the parent/guardian must be on an official entry form, which must be fully completed and signed at the photographic session. Shropshire Star deems the parent/guardian stated on the entry form to have full parental/guardianship responsibility and eligible to act on behalf of
any other parties to give permission for their child to take part in the competition. The newspaper will abide by the name of the parent/ guardian stated on the official entry form only. 

The photographic sessions are free of charge and participants will be invited to attend a return-to-view session for the  opportunity to select the image they wish to be used for the purpose of the competition and to purchase photographs taken at the session subject to availability. 

In the event of non-attendance at the return to view session, a photograph will be selected at random for use in-paper and online. 

Entry to the competition does not entitle the participant to free images, printed or digital, taken at the session. Only one child may appear in each photograph. The Shropshire Star has the right to withhold the publication of any images. Copyright belongs to Andrea Powell Photography. 

Contact information will be held for the purpose of this competition only and not be passed onto third parties other than the assigned photographer in the event of any enquires. 

Publicity may be given to winners and winners’ names and images may be published in the relevant Shropshire Star newspaper title in print and online.

Baby & Toddler of the Year Supplement

Photo entries will appear within a Baby and Toddler of the Year supplement on Thursday, July 4 2019, this has changed from Thursday, June 27 (subject to change). 

Each child will be placed into the relevant age bracket, based on the age of the child on the date the photograph was taken. Shropshire Star accepts no responsibility for any error, misprint or omission in the printing of any entrant’s details/photograph. 

While every effort will be made to ensure that all photographs will be published and are of the highest quality possible, it should be noted that pictures reproduced on newsprint are not of the original quality. 

In the event of any unforeseen circumstances where the photographs do not appear, no compensation will be offered. 

Each photo will appear with the child’s first and last name only and will be allocated their own Unique Voting Code, which will be published alongside the child’s image.

Baby & Toddler of the Year Voting

Readers will be able to vote for their favourite child’s photo by collecting special vote tokens published in the Shropshire Star from Thursday, July 4 until Saturday, August 3 2019 and during certain times, by SMS. 

Full voting instructions will appear in-paper in the published supplement and subsequent vote token panels. Readers, over the age of 18, may vote for their favourite child’s photo as many times as they like, using the published in-paper vote tokens and up to a maximum of 10 texts per day during the text voting period. 

Readers can vote for up to five different children on any Voting Tokens Return Form by indicating the child’s full name, four-digit unique voting code number and by indicating the total number of votes per child. 

The unique voting code will appear in the Baby & Toddler of the Year supplement and online.

Any votes received with an incorrect, missing or illegible unique voting code will not be counted. Photocopied or defaced vote tokens will not be counted. Vote tokens must be cut around the dotted lines. Vote tokens must be received with a fully completed Voting Tokens Return Form in the envelope. 

Votes received for children on incomplete forms will be declared void. Vote tokens must not be sent to the newspaper until the last vote token has been published on Saturday, August 3, 2019. If posting, the correct postage must be put on the envelope.

Entries with incorrect/insufficient postage will not be accepted nor will they be collected from Royal Mail and the entry will therefore be void. Proof of
posting will not be accepted as proof of delivery. No responsibility will be accepted for any submissions which are lost, damaged, or delayed in the post. 

Closing date for all printed vote tokens is 5pm, Friday, August 9, 2019. Any votes received after this date will not be counted. Each text vote will count as one single vote against the unique voting code number as indicated on the text. 

Full instructions for SMS voting will be published in print throughout the text voting period. Text votes cast after the closing date will not be counted but may still be charged. Please seek the bill payer’s permission before text voting. The child with the most votes in each category (combination of newspaper voting tokens and SMS votes) will be deemed the winner.

In the event of a tie within each category or for the overall winner, a judging panel will choose the winner. The total number of votes for each entrant will not be disclosed. Votes will be counted and independently verified.

Baby & Toddler of the Year Prizes

The winners in each category and overall winner will receive their prize in cheque-form made payable to the parent/guardian as indicated
on the entry form. 

The prize is non-transferable and there is no cash alternative. 

Employees and their immediate relatives of the MNA group of companies, agents and anyone professionally connected to the promotion are not eligible to enter. 

All participants will be notified of when the winners will appear in the Shropshire Star via email. 

No correspondence will be entered into and the Editor’s decision is final.